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BIM frameworks

Hotel-Standards is a well established and proven system that provides a context for BIM modelling. Importantly it enables a phased approach to BIM implementation. Hotel-Standards BIM frameworks allow construction information to be held in a variety of file formats, integrated into a single usable online resource that can be updated to incorporate additional technology and data sources as they become appropriate.

According to NBS a Building Information Model is, like Hotel-Standards, a rich information model, consisting of multiple data sources, elements of which can be shared across all stakeholders and be maintained across the life of a building from inception to recycling.

One of the barriers to the widespread adoption of BIM systems is that users were expected to invest heavily, both through purchase and training, in one of several competing CAD systems. These were often mutually incompatible.

A further barrier is that BIM models cannot, and should not, exist in a vacuum. Frequently not all the information is available at the outset of a project and the construction of a 3D (or 4D or 7D) model becomes almost irrelevant to the important task of driving a construction project forward.

Hotel-Standards overcomes both these barriers in that all file formats can be accommodated and that information models can include a combination of complex BIM objects and established document and drawing file formats.