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How it saves you money

Your Hotel-Standards Management System can pay for itself in weeks if not days.

The cost savings generated by Hotel-Standards Management System can be enormous. They are a direct result of, initially, savings in print and distribution costs, and then through control of standards and specifications so that they are always up to date and therefore making use of the newest and most economic technologies.

Further savings arise because there is no need for special software, no licence fees, no subscriptions and no unexpected charges.

Clients estimate that the benefits and efficiencies that online specification tools can provide have amounted to over 5% of the construction cost of a project, and in many cases it is even more.

Because up-to-date standards information is available across the project chain there are fewer mistakes in the design and on-site stages and thus fewer possibly expensive and time-consuming disputes.

More about How it saves you money

Administration of the system is web-enabled so individuals anywhere can use and manage the system without costly intervention by managers, administrators or IT staff. And further administrative savings can be made by using suppliers to manage the information for their own products.

You can expect that the return on investment for a Hotel-Standards Management System design, specification and construction implementation to be very rapid indeed.

And of course these significant cost savings and schedule benefits apply all the more to organisations with a large number of hotel construction projects.

And if a hotel or hotels are to be sold there are large savings to be made, in both professional fees and time, during due diligence procedures. In themselves it is estimated that the savings made during the sale of a single mid-range hotel will outweigh the cost of implementing a Hotel-Standards Management System system.