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Frequently Asked Questions

Projects as exciting and with as great a potential for dramatic cost savings as Hotel-Standards Management System inevitably raise questions about implementation and the extent of a hotel group's existing specification and standards information. Some of the questions that have been, or might be, asked are shown here.

1. We don’t have all the specifications for our hotels?
Not a problem. You can add information whenever you want. Hotel-Standards Management System gives you time to develop and add your specifications at your own pace. You can mix different files and different formats.
2. How can we be sure that people use it?
Usability! Highwire's experience and expertise means that users of Hotel-Standards Management System become highly committed to using it because it helps them in their day-to-day work.
3. Who owns the specification data?
You do, you have copyright of all your information.
4. Who controls the data?
You do. There is no need to ask your web developers to update things. Your architects, engineers and staff can update your specifications quickly and economically whenever needed.
5. Can our users work together?
Yes, you choose how much collaboration you require.
6. Can we use Hotel-Standards Management System for individual projects?
Yes. You can freeze the information in Hotel-Standards Management System so that it will be applied to a chosen project without affecting your main information extranet.
7. We operate all over the world, how can we deal with different countries' regulations and standards?
Your standards are your standards and you can apply them to your projects throughout the world. If a local standard is appropriate than you can specify that it will apply. However we have found that individual hotels companies' standards are usually greater than local standards.
8. Is it a fully integrated solution?
Yes it is a single system that has been developed as a whole, it is not a cobbling together of different software to provide the desired functionality.
9. How much will it save my company?
Many thousands, often millions of dollars or euro. The cost of document printing and information sharing, plus time to start work on site will be much reduced. Estimates are generally about 5% to 9% on most projects and this does not take account the majority of savings which will result from reduced errors and reduced disputes. Plus the savings in due diligence procedures on the sale of a single hotel will often pay for the cost of the entire system.
10. How do we keep track of changes?
Easily. Hotel-Standards Management System keeps a record of every item that has been amended. Administrators can view this record at any time in order to establish who changed what and when.
11. Is there an annual fee or a licence payment?
No. There is no licence fee or subscription cost.
12. Do we need special software?
No. Use the ordinary web browser that comes with your computer.
13. Can we use Hotel-Standards Management System outside our offices?
Yes. Hotel-Standards Management System is web enabled and does not need special software thus it allows global information sharing and management across multiple locations and countries.
14. How fast is it?
Simplicity, speed and reliability are the key elements in collaborative working and Hotel Standards Management System has been developed to load quickly so that people are encouraged to use it.
15. Will our staff need training?
No. The system is so easy to use that staff will be working productively within minutes of first logging in.