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Role based access
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Role based access

Role based access means that you control who can see particular parts of your information. Users are treated as individuals so that when a user registers for access to a Hotel-Standards Management System they are placed in a category that determines how much information they can see. For example a user registered as a 'supplier' might be allowed to see FFE information but they would not be shown costs; another user registered as 'staff' would see the same information with the costs made visible. A potential developer might be able to see a low resolution drawing whereas an architect would be able to download the CAD drawing for inclusion in their work.

Each file or document is only created once and it is Hotel-Standards Management System user management system that controls what information within the document each individual sees. Documents can be tailored for groups such as franchisees, investors, developers, architects, specifiers, interior designers, contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, hotel operators, hotel managers, facilities managers and hotel buyers and sellers.

Complete versioning means that no change is lost, and that you know who made any changes and when.