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Giving you control
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Giving you control

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a Hotel-Standards BIM framework is the control the hotel brand has over its own content. Content is accessed through a content management system that is simple and helpful and allows those people with the appropriate access rights to add, update or delete information without the need to learn new skills.

Training is generally unnecessary. Any user who has filled in an online form such as those required when making an online purchase has the required skills. This means that updating information need not be restricted to a small number of users with specific skills. Those users with the most appropriate skills can be given control over specific aspects of information and can become responsible for maintaining that information. This means that information can be kept current and updated immediately as required rather than having to wait for scheduled updates.

Updating also becomes a far faster process. Because information is kept in its constituent items, with multiple items being combined to create a page, like items of information can be shared. For example information about a 30 minute fire door need only be entered in to the database once and then linked to all the rooms that use it. If policy changes and all those doors are updated to 45 minutes, then this information need only be updated once, a matter of a few minutes. This virtually instantaneous, unlike print or PDF based information where it needs to be updated in every document in which it appears and which can take weeks or even months to be disseminated to those who need the information.

You are not reliant on project partners replacing outdated information with later versions. You can be secure in the knowledge that your hotels are going to be built to the correct and current standards and requirements.