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Developers, investors and franchisees
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Developers, investors and franchisees

Hotel-Standards Management System websites have areas for information for potential developers, investors and franchisees on the design and approval processes used by the hotel brand as well as provisional building cost budgets.

Although these figures are used for guidance only the system allows for budgets to vary according to location, site characteristics and so on. Provisional cost and estimating data will allow you and potential project partners to generate outline costs at the start of a project. Whilst necessarily estimates these figures can be used for comparison with existing benchmarks drawn from recently completed projects where they exist.

Hotel-Standards Management System sites grow with their hotel chains. The framework allows the incorporation of Building Information Models in 3D, 4D etc and in any proprietary format. Where information is not available in BIM formats, traditional files can be used including architectural and arrangement drawings such as site plans; hotel and restaurant floor plans; building sections and elevations; perspective drawings; schematic plantroom layouts; service distribution arrangements and so on as well as animated walkthroughs are added to the system. Drawings are available in different formats for use in different ways, GIF and PNG for checking on screen, PDF for incorporation in project files and documents, CAD for downloading.

It also possible to include schedules of hotels that are in development and that have been recently opened. This means that potential franchisees and other development partners can see and understand how your hotel group is expanding and also see examples of how the estate is developing and what is expected of your business partners.