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How it builds your brand

One controllable system that helps guarantee all of a hotelís brand values.

As hotel properties are built and refurbished increasingly the principal difference between chains is the brand values that the hotel chain promises.

To be sure of meeting the promises made to the guest, hotel brands must ensure that the room specification, interior decor, level of service and engineering performance, such as quietness, temperature, meet the standards determined for the brand.

Hotel-Standards Management System is built around the concept of the room datasheets, FFE schedules and other information essential to the creation and operation of a hotel. This is a substantial amount of information but Hotel-Standards Management System was built upon the certainty that finding the information you want will always be quick and easy.

More about How it builds your brand

You will be able to look at individual room datasheets to ascertain the physical requirements of each space within the hotel and space allocation programmes for each brand. You will also be able to view FFE specifications by area and by room so that the correct fabrics and equipment are recognised and specified from the outset. Interior design drawings for guestroom and bathroom layouts; public area layouts; guestroom and public area perspectives; details of reception desks; schedules for finishes and lighting and so on will make design and construction speedier whilst meeting the promise made by the brand.